My grow Cali Snow

This is the first girl I’ll advertise and show, as a first. Yummy she is and a journey of self-discovery I went on with growing this plant. 

CaliSnow is an automatic flowering cannabis plant that I really enjoyed growing. She was very tough for me as I really learned to allow a plant to grow with her life as a whole. 

I attempted to keep a daily journal of her life but as I started tending to more and more plant I seemed to have lost her daily track keeping.

Nonetheless, she took about 4 months to finish smelling super dank of apples and just a super sourness too. 

She’s also the first-ever plant I actively ate leaves from and kept in the fridge. As I am trying to incorporate cannabis raw and fresh as a daily supplement into my diet. 

Fish sandwiches, potato salads, and fresh salsas were a few of the things I used the leaves with.. as interesting as the taste might have been it’s not overwhelmingly bad I’d say. If you eat arugula/rocket then you should be on the same pallet vibe with the ganja leaves, or at least in my opinion.

Also, this lady got the chop on 08/09/19 and she is literally my 04/20/19 gift, how dope. 

Very late for an auto flower but not-not auto flower.

While drying in my room I really couldn’t help but just enjoy the smell of amazing apple pie. She truly smells the next level. 

You could bath in this stuff. Although after a few days of drying I myself felt like I needed to rid my room of this heavy aroma of amazing smelling weed. Never did I ever thought I could get over the smell of weed. So much so I haven’t pooped another bean of its kind since. Maybe I wait for the day I’m blessed with a carbon filter. Who knows.

Nonetheless, an amazing journey and experience, sure to never be forgotten. 

What strain did you grow first? Let us know below. We would love to connect.

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