Nature of Growing your Own situation.

So without a doubt after the constitutional court ruled ganja decriminalized; permitting the cultivating and consuming by an adult in private, I was going to start growing my own… Period. In my brain, immediately when I saw the report and read the court hearing documentation, link. I thought: I won! We won! And although most will never claim this first step a complete victory, I just felt that it was at least something that I could work with. An opportunity. Perhaps itʼs my mindset or just the person I am but I always want to create a new opportunity for myself in something, if I see one. So here I was sitting, with the capability to grow some weed knowing, besides the “grey-law”

aspect, my mother would totally not let me grow some weed. Hell no. What I have identified as an AWP(anti-weed person/people). Mom still today identifies as anti weed but her reasoning is one in reference to later. It was going to be vital that my mom would give me the go ahead to grow some weed as a stealth grow was not an option it would just, one sore the relationship and two thereʼs no way you growing weed in situation faced with an AWP like that, too aggressive, especially when youʼd list them an 8 on a scale of 1-10 and 1 being least anti towards ganja, not approving of it ultimately. She also knew I smoked weed by this time but the openness like in most 420/AWP relationships, itʼs not spoken of and you most definitely wont just bring it up, stoners just wonʼt. Most times youʼd slip past, high, into the kitchen and then into your zone

This was going to have to change as I was gonna have to ask her if I could “plant a seed to fill a need.” like a good friend of mine would say. I was going back and forth on my approach before it dawned on me. I needed her to understand the value of cannabis,ganja,Dagga to me as a user. Not what it meant to her, the neighbors and the whoever else we can find to devalue this amazing plant. That was the core rooted idea. And I made it settle into my mind and actions that from now on every time the opportunity arises, I could not back away from having the weed conversation one, two I would always throw the ball back in their court so I wouldnʼt have to talk much more than needed. Unless the information presented was interesting enough. I believe my focus on task at hand

was more valuable to me than disagreeable moments or heated discussions. If we donʼt talk about things we canʼt gain and learn new perspective on things. It sure is an interesting journey to being able to drop a seed knowing it wonʼt get ripped out or you kicked out. As long as the approach was with the right goals and intensions it would prevail. Itʼs all I ever told myself. One day I had saved a reddit post of a lady with major social anxiety and because she was already on so much different meds the ones she would use for this anxiety wouldnʼt allow her even to leave the house or bed. So she turn to CBD to aid in this and found that along with one of her other medications the CBD allowed her to not have social anxiety so she did not need the heavier medication that would work but also sometimes hurt her more. That being said my mother still

today has bipolar disorder so I knew she would relate to this. Itʼs the kind of information I always had ready to present her with just to hear her perspective. My mother was a nurse, so she knows her medication very well and can discuss her ailment well. So we converse about her different kinds of medications and things often. As a side note. If your a child of a parent with more than 4/5 medications that they use. You need to know the medications and itʼs uses please. It was never something we spoke of cause till I started asking what all these meds are that moms using and whatʼs their names , writing it down and actually wanting to know them. I found this an amazing way to start having a CBD conversation. And we still talk about it, I even bring up the same articles and mom

notices by now she even says “you just want me on this medication”. Doing things like asking her what she thought street value was and how much she actually thought I smoked were by far the best questions to ask. Although the later would rank up higher on the difficulty scale, both answer gave me the same response. A laugh. And a very good one too. It was really amusing to me just how little is known compared to what is perceived around ganja. I would love every reader to ask their AWPs these questions once they ready for the laugh or shock. Because my mother is what we label as older generation she is AWP because weed is a gateway to other more dangerous drugs. Or weed is used as a catalyst to drugs. But so could sage, Lions tail or a bunch of other herbs be. But I digress. Once you also

understand where this AWP values your ganja intake you can start having more serious discussions about your boundaries and values. Sometimes laughing was a cover, mom actually thought so little of something I would regard so valuable. A simple explanation and discussion on how much Zar I could save by growing and not buying was in order. Simple I thought… Nonetheless, a bag seed found its way into a brow box with health soil and started growing. It managed to grow itself stealth enough to a certain point. But thankfully by this point my will had paid off and my anti mother didnʼt feel the need to rip the plant out the ground. What a journey of growth we all had that grow season. I mean, we even went to a cannabis expo. My mother was amazed at “all the

educated people” that were present. She walked out feeling ok with not being ok with weed, but ok with letting me be ok with weed. All we needed in the end. It is now my goal to help other and empower them to take steps in order to live in an environment were you are allowed to express yourself and the love for your plant. Many have reached out and have seen results from applying basic mindset shifts and practical conversation starting material based on their own relationships. Itʼs my wish to help any that seek it.

( this blog post was done by our very own Nev from Cannagrowsomes)

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