Transparency with AWPs ( anti weed person/people) An approach where value and respect are tools to use.

An approach where value and respect are tools to use.

So I get that lots of people that You know thats anti cannabis and hate the smell and that can’t stand anything to do with it is stopping you from enjoying the freedom of growing some amazing cannabis for yourself. I mean heck, at this point everyone knows about weed that is “legal”(Decriminalized for adult use, possession and cultivation in private for private consumption.) And your either with it or your not.

So this is what I am gonna lay down for y’all in this post is a some what blue print to approach, handling and mindset when dealing with AWPs.

So first we need to look at the person you are trying to identify and simply put them and the AWP Scale. 1 – being the person is completely against weed and 10 – the person just really don’t want you to be using it.
This being said. Take note of the mindset towards cannabis when scaling these AWPs, this well help later on.

After identifying someone on this scale you can now look at yourself and put yourself on a Weed Consumption Scale 1 – you hardly smoke, you don’t even have rolling papers on hand or a pipe. 10 – perma-high don’t do much things sober or you smoke daily.
When it comes to identifying yourself on this scale, understand what kind of smoker you are and don’t fool yourself on this scale. It is crucial that you identify yourself as bluntly as the you did the AWPs. Also take a step back and look at your own mindset in this matter and how healthy your state of mind is for this task.

The Last of the scaling we need to do is of the relationship with you and your AWPs at this time. 1 – they don’t know you smoke but your a 10 on the weed consumption scale. 10 – they know you smoke and you know they know you smoke there’s just no relationship built around a value system.
Note that at this point if there is no transparency in the relationship then getting to the final goal of ‘growing your own’ will be an even longer task as is. For the the blueprint won’t work if there is no transparency.

Now that scaling has been done and we can look at positioning of both parties, we can look at the major T, transparency. It goes without saying that if you feel like your AWP doesn’t even know of your consumption that the conversation starts yesterday already. Overwhelming as that may sound, often it turns out better than expected. We tend to make things worse in our minds than they are in real life. A simple approach with great timing and clear intentions will set you straight on this path.
Personally I always pick my sweet spots to talk to my AWP which is my mother. When my ‘conversation had to had had’ I basically just waited till she was most relaxed and distracted by something else. So right after Sunday lunch while kicking up her feet watching some tv I sat down and went on with it.
I don’t think that there is a complete script I could write that would encapsulate all crucial points in the matter, I can however give some points as to what you should look at covering in your conversation in opening up transparency.
• Be open and direct that you a cannabis user.
• Express that you coming to them first is to show the respect you have for them
• By coming to them you want them to understand the value it brings to you and respect for them to you equally.
• Mention the times you use it and why.
• Own it and express your love for the herb
• Ask for there opinion in the matter and ask for support and input from them
In this conversation it is important to be open to anything that is said to you and that you remain within your construct of why you started this conversation. You started the conversation so you direct the course of it.
If things get heated my go to convo ended would be “the only reason why I wanted to have this conversation was so that you could understand the value of cannabis to me.” This ends everything and you can walk away. If things are so tense keep throwing this line till you can leave. You can also use it as the conversational opener.

When your relationship is already transparent but just not all the way, having any ganja conversation should be approached with excitement and good energy. That way you have a better chance at receiving the same back. Core points to get across is always
• The value of the cannabis usage to you
• The respect you have for them by starting the conversation
• Your openness to listening to their opinions and concerns.
Sometimes I speak to people that say “Nev, you just don’t understand. It’s not that easy”. I laugh at that cause it was never suppose to be easy. You are asserting your values and asking for personal boundaries in a commune space if we can look at it like this. So understanding your mindset approach must be focused on too.
I’m convinced after being able to express and secure personal space and a value base that can be respected to wards ganja use, it won’t matter if the person is anti or not cause there will be common ground. Like anything all relationships takes time, and working on.

I encourage anyone that’s willing to look at the approach in a fun mindset, the thought of your own tiny garden of weeden in mind, you will overcome the AWP obstacle. Being realistic about your timing and your scales will determine your next approach to securing your valued cannabis use as well as the respect you both give and wish to receive throughout.

To have and build this relationship will only benefit you. And if you are struggling or have any questions you already know where to find me. – IG @cannagrowsome

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