Rosin Press Rentals.


a Rosin press is a very modern, safe and popular way to make solventless cannabis extraction. It requires no BHO or any chemicals of such but instead is a heated plate along with applied force that gets the extraction to separate from the flower.

This rental is for the individual whom is experienced in rosin pressing or advanced in cannabis extraction. This service requires the person of interest to arrange for pick up or drop off for the rosin press.

  • Full day (10 hours) – R1500
  • Half day (5 hours) – R1000
  • a Deposit of R1000 will be required which will be returned after the press was inspected.
  • Only available in Johannesburg, Pretoria,  Midrand and Centurion.
  • When pressing . a good quality cannabis needs to be used.

(please note that this service does not include the cannabis and only the service, we encourage you to use your own home grown cannabis.)



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