Rosin press services


a Rosin press is a very modern, safe and popular way to make solventless cannabis extraction. It requires no BHO or any chemicals of such but instead is a heated plate along with applied force that gets the extraction to separate from the flower. Although the yield can be smaller than the BHO, it is a healthier option and a better quality high. When doing a Rosin press using indoor flower is recommended as it gives better yields than outdoor or greenhouse but good outdoor  can  also give a good yield of rosin a.k.a dab.

This service will see a team member drive to the comfort of your house to help you press your own dab for your own personal consumption. And the fees are as follows. (limited to Centurion, Pretoria and Johannesburg.)

  • call out – Centurion R100
  • call out – Pretoria R200
  • call out – Johannesburg R300

(minimum press 10G and  maximum press 50G)

  • 10G – R350
  • 15G – R400
  • 20G – R450
  • 25G – R500
  • 30G – R550
  • 35G – R600
  • 40G – R650
  • 45G – R700
  • 50G – R750.

(please note that this service does not include the cannabis and only the service , we encourage you to use your own home grown cannabis.)

please contact us for this offer.


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